Consignment / Sale or Return

50/50 Consignment for Vintage & Antiques

Do you have a special item or something you feel has value? Just don't have the budget or enough stock to rent a space, but do have some beautiful items to sell? Consign your items with us and we will sell it for you.


To qualify your item must 

  • Have a value of £50+

  • We must be allowed a 10% discretion on the final selling price

  • All consignment items will be discounted by 20% after 2 weeks of consignment and 50% by 1 month.

  • No item will exceed three months consignment. Unless agreement from management. Some high ticket specialist items can take up to 1 year to find the right price and right buyer.


Sale or Return for Independent Designers and Makers 

We want to encourage and support local, national and international designers and makers and understand how difficult and expensive it can be to get your work out there in front of the public. 

Ideal for makers and designers who are just starting out or are working a ‘real job’ and just don't have the time for craft fairs or trade shows.


We offer a RENT FREE space option to artisans to encourage creativity and commerce. 

33% commission (+VAT standard rate charged only on the commission and not the full sale price of an item.)

All sales are subject to a 20p money handling fee.

Please contact us for further information & to apply via email to