We offer two shelving options perfect for your business. Either our ground floor mid century Danish shelving units for curated displays, gift type products, grab and go items and businesses with a strong brand identity, or our white shelving in our 'Harry's Attic' clearance section which is ideal for preloved book, video, DVD, cassette and CD sellers.

If you wish to sell with us in Harry's Attic (our second/top floor clearance area) we require all sellers to follow our strict price reduction strategy to enhance sales and promote stock turnover.

Week (Optional) - We recommend stock price reduction on the 6th day (Friday) of either 20% or 50% off.

Fortnight - Reduction starting week 2 at 50% off

1 Month - Reduction starting week 3 at 20% off, then week 4 50% off 

Rolling Monthly - Reduction starting 2nd month - 20% off, then 3rd month 50% off

All stock is reviewed after 3 months on the shop floor and is either removed, repriced or re merchandised. 

For further information please see the full Terms and Conditions on our 'Sell with Us' page.