Whether you are a keen vintage and antique dealer, dream of having your own vintage or handmade business, respectfully selling off items from a loved ones estate or selling some excess preloved items, we have affordable space waiting for you.

Prices start at just 66p per day,

or 33% commission.


We are currently renegotiating our rental prices.
For any enquiries please come in and speak to us, email or ring us!

Apologies for any inconvenience,
Hopkinson online team ✨  


The Process:
  • Sign a seller licence agreement with a member of management 

  • You will be allocated your sales area

  • You will receive 10 inclusive swing tags for stock pricing. Additional tags can be purchased in packs 6 for £1.

  • We will provide you with adequate cardboard boxes for you to take away. Your boxes will be marked with seller area code example; RA#1 (racking number 1)

Every new seller receives...
  • Our Welcome pack with all the information to get you started.

  • A welcome from Hopkinson Director Liam Woodgates

  • An annual Hopkinson membership card which gives discounts on all in house services, businesses and Food and drink as well as discounts with associated businesses and our sister shop and co working space Cobden Place.

  • Rolling monthly sellers receive 5 free listings on our web shop

  • Our no sales no rent guarantee (see below)

Commission & Charges


All sales are subject to a 10% commission (+VAT standard rate. Please note VAT is only charged on the commission and not the full sale price.)


What does the commission fee cover?

  • A dedicated sales team selling your goods 7 days a week

  • Complete management of your sales from start to finish

  • Electricity costs  

  • Wrapping and packaging 

  • Monthly sales printouts (if required)


Why do you charge VAT on commission sales?

Due to the sale of items being classed as a service we are required to collect VAT on all sales made on behalf of the government.


Administration Fee

All space rental is subject to a £5 pcm administration charge. This charge is per individual dealer code. If you have multiple spaces and one code this fee will only be charged once. If you have multiple spaces and more than one code this fee will be charged per dealer code.


What does the administration fee cover?

  • Individual description, price and code inputting

  • Sales emails on request

  • EPOS and Salesbook administration 

  • Month end final sales processing 

  • Month end final sales spreadsheet

  • Month end dealer payout 

  • Invoicing 


Money handling fee

All sold items are subject to an additional 20p per item money handling fee. This fee is charged for both cash and card payment handling on your behalf.

Why do we charge a money handling fee?

This fee covers all fees charged to us to handle money on your behalf. Our fees include cash handling banking fees, paying in fees, transfer fees and debit and credit card fees.

How much money can I make?

Sales vary dealer to dealer depending on the type of stock you sell and where you are located within Hopkinson. We can achieve sales of £20/50k+ per annum turnover for our best sellers.


How much money will I be left with? Please see the table below for examples.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.00.34.png
Removal of stock

All stock must be removed no later than the close of business on the last day of your selling period. Please allow enough time to pack up and remove stock. You will be charged an additional fee if staff are required to stay later than shop close.

All boxes of stock leaving the premises must be checked by a member of our team prior to removal. This is to protect all of our dealers' stock from accidental or intentional shrinkage.

We will remove any sellers' stock from the shop floor that has exceeded their rented period. The items will be stored for no longer than 3 days unless prior communication and an agreement is made. No items will be released until all fees have been paid in full. We will sell, donate or dispose of any uncollected stock after these 3 days. You will not be entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for these items.

We support a number of Nottingham charities. Sellers may choose to donate any remaining stock or future sales of remaining stock to our chosen charities. Our standard fees and commissions will be deducted from any future sales of goods and remaining profits or stock donated.

Returns or Refunds 

We encourage all shoppers to ensure items being purchased are to the standard they require. We only offer refunds if an item is found to have been described incorrectly or is faulty. Refunds are only issued at the discretion of the management.


Stock Shrinkage

Naturally we try to reduce the risk of stock shrinkage with high staff presence, cctv and other active deterrents but sadly with all best efforts on a rare occasion stock shrinkage does occur. It is your responsibility to ensure any stock you wish to be protected is adequately insured against all losses.

We offer a number of additional anti theft devices to hire these are not essential but do further reduce the risk of shrinkage. 

Clothing - Ink dye security tags  - Packs of 6 - £2.50

Mini EAS security Alarm tag with spider wrap - £1.50

All anti theft devices are a 1 price 1 use hire fee until the item sells via the shop or you chose to remove it.


Fees & Payments

All payments are made no later than the 12th of the following sales month. (eg; October sales are  paid no later than the 12th November.) All payments are made via bank transfer. Please ensure you provide us with accurate bank details to ensure swift payments. No cash payments will be permitted.

Please contact if you have not received funds by the 12th of the month.


For all rolling monthly sellers we will retain your following month's rent from the previous months sales period . This is to ensure rents are paid on time and to save you the time and effort of arranging payments. 

Dealer sales reports

All sellers will receive a dealer report by the 1st of each month. The dealer report will break down all sales, staff purchases, fees, commission and VAT. You may request a dealer report to be sent via email or by phone no more than once a week. Please allow the staff the courtesy of extra time to send this in busier periods.


Rent Arrears 

On the very rare occasion that your previous months sales do not cover your rent arrears, a rent arrears invoice will be emailed to your email on account (Please ensure you keep us up to date with your correct email account). Payment must be made within 7 days of invoice. Failure to pay will result in stock being removed at a fee of £10 and stored for a maximum of 3 days. No items will be released unless all outstanding fees and charges are paid in full. After this period these items will be either sold, donated or disposed of. You will not be due any reimbursement for stock or fees in this scenario.

Our 'no sales no rent' guarantee

We understand that sometimes things just don't work out how we all planned. This may be down to stock overpricing, wrong location in the shop, the wrong type of product for our customers or failure to replenish or change stock often enough because life has got in the way.

If you fail to cover our set rents and fees from sales we will not charge or chase you for the difference giving you peace of mind that you won't be out of pocket if you are having a bad month or take your eye off the ball. 

We consider our rents and fees carefully based on 10 years of historic sales and footfall in specific areas of the shop. Our pricing structures are set to ensure everyone makes some money. We want everyone to be making money and we are here to help and guide you in the right direction to make money.

We review sellers' sales every month end. We have a strict three strike policy if you fail to make rent or fees. Your licence will not be renewed if you fail to make rent three months in a row.

Sellers should be turning over at a very minimum three times their rental charge (some of our best sellers turn over 20 times their rental charge.) Sellers failing to hit this target may not have their licence renewed. Management undertakes this on a case by case basis and takes into consideration all contributing factors. (Including external real life.)

We don’t want you to worry if occasionally you don’t hit this target as we understand some months are up and some can be down.

What does the ground rental fee cover?

Your ground rental fee covers the ground rental cost and business rates for the space.


How long should I rent a space for?

This is completely up to you and we have tailored our pricing to allow for flexibility of all budgets and stock levels. Our spaces allow for first time sellers who need to clear some items out to full time dealers who require a permanent home to sell from.

Weekly, fortnightly and 1 month licences are suitable for people who want a quick clear out of their preloved items, flash sales, families managing deceased estates and brands to test market new lines and products.

Rolling monthly licences are suitable for businesses who are looking for a home to build their brand, business or concept.

For our rolling monthly licences we ask for a minimum commitment of three months. This is to take advantage of our lower rate for your commitment and to help build a customer base. We encourage new dealers to explore what they sell in this period to find their customer base. It can sometimes take 3 to 6 months to build a regular customer base and find what works for you. We request that all rolling monthly sellers will provide a small statement about themselves and their business to go with their spaces. People spend more if it's more personable and they can see and know they are supporting an independent.


How often should I restock?

The more often you restock and change your space the more sales you will make.

Our best sellers come in weekly to restock and to change their spaces around and most importantly take deadstock away. We have dedicated regular shoppers, dealers and members who come in weekly and are always made aware of new stock by our team when it comes in. 

The minimum we ask is that you restock on a monthly basis.

Parking and Loading

To gain access to the building please follow the strict instructions provided.

Failure to follow may result in bus lane fines or parking tickets (we cannot get these cancelled).

All vehicles wishing to gain access must be pre registered at least 24hrs in advance. We will email a vehicle registration form to submit to Nottingham City Council. All permanent vehicle registration will need to be renewed annually.

Parking on the pedestrianised area of Station Street is strictly prohibited and you will receive a parking ticket. 

Loading on Station Street is allowed once your vehicle has been registered.

Cars are permitted 5 minutes loading time between loads, you must be seen to be loading.

Vans are permitted 10 minutes loading time between loads, you must be seen to be loading.

If you wish to stay longer to re-merchandise your space you may book one of our limited parking spaces at the rear of our property. If these are not available we request that you find local parking. We have negotiated a discounted rate with NCP, our nearest car park.

You must be on site at all times in the event of an emergency if the vehicle needs to be removed or relocated.

Our Online Web Shop 

We launched our web shop in 2020 and it has already proved highly successful, especially with high ticket unique items. We offer a click and collect service as well as local, national, and international delivery.

All new rolling monthly sellers will receive an initial 5 free listing credits worth £20.

Dealers can purchase extra web shop credits via our online web shop.

We suggest dealers put forward items over the value of £35 for our web shop. It is rarely worth the time, effort and return for both parties to list items under this value. Lower priced items will be considered but they must fulfil our criteria of being rare, collectable or on trend. Our online team reserves the right to not accept items put forward.


Your items will remain on our web shop until they are sold or you remove them from the centre. Listings cannot be exchanged once online. All web shop stock must be present at the centre to ensure quick dispatch of the sold items. These can either be on the shop floor or held in our online team storage area. 

If an item is on the shop floor it will have a green sticker to indicate it has been listed on our web shop.

It is important to notify our online team if you remove one of these items from the shop or if it has sold somewhere else.


Our Listing Fees 

5 credits - £20 (£4 per item)

10 credits - £35 ( £3.50 per item)

20 credits - £65 (£3 per item) 

Our standard commission and fees are applicable on all web shop sales.

10% commission (+VAT standard rate) + 20p money handling fee.


All sales will be shown on your monthly dealer report.

Damages, returns and refunds

All items are sent signed for recorded delivery at minimum.

Please retain proof of purchase of items as this may be required to claim compensation from couriers or delivery services. All items are insured up to the value of the item.

Under distance selling rules the consumer has a 14 day cooling off period which allows for all consumers within this period to cancel an order once receiving the goods. Under the Consumer Rights Act all products must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. Refunds will only be offered on this basis.

In the event of a return this will be shown as a refund on your dealer sales sheet and the item will be returned to you unless a claim is being made against the courier or delivery service.


Ownership of photography

We will retain ownership over all photography taken by us of 3rd party stock and will be permitted to use this photography for any purpose we deem fit. In the instance of any additional monies generated from this photography you will not be eligible for any compensation or monetary reward.